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Although there are already many image compression tools on the Internet, compared with these tools, JPG MIN has the following advantages.

  • High compression efficiencyWith almost no damage to image quality, the compressed image can reduce 40-80% of the volume with excellent compression performance.
  • No use restrictionsThere is no limit to the size of the image and the number of images per compression. You can compress any size or number of images at will.
  • Efficient data processingData processing is all performed in the local browser, not uploaded to the network server, which greatly saves the traffic and upload time.
  • Data privacy is more secureData is purely localized, data will not be uploaded to the network server, you do not have to worry about image data leakage.
  • Support for image pasteAfter taking a screenshot or copying the image, press CTRL+V can quickly compress the image,operation fast and efficiently.
  • Customize the output formatCan specify the image output format, convenient image format conversion, operation is more simple and practical.


The following is an introduction to JPG MIN and some common problems in use.


JPG MIN is a free online JPG and PNG formats image compression tool. It can efficiently compress the image volume without damaging the original image, improve the transmission efficiency of the network and save the network bandwidth. It is very suitable for optimizing the image processing in WEB front-end development.JPG MIN all data processing is done locally, the image is not uploaded to the network server, the image data security has been greatly guaranteed, you do not have to worry about the image data leakage.

Principle of image compression?

The core algorithm of JPG MIN to compress image comes from the open source community. Thanks to all the developers who have contributed to this.
JPG image uses MozJpeg which from the Mozilla open source community.
PNG image uses Pngquant
You can go to the corresponding official website for more technical details.

Compression effect comparison

Below is a image after compression with JPG MIN, you can see, in the case of a significantly smaller image, the image remains high image quality, image compression loss caused by the naked eye can hardly tell, you can look at and compared before and after the compressed image, move the mouse around a vertical bar on the left side of the JPG MIN compressed image, the original image is on the right.

Original Original:737KB
Compressed JPG MIN:274KB
JPG MIN:274KB ( -62.84% )